Engagement Models

We exercise the value-based pricing principle when it comes to the Pricing, we thrive to add value in every exchange of service/business with our esteemed clients and strategic partners.

Simple yet Flexible

We provide value solutions in constrained of business-focused, continuous discipline to drive spending and cost reduction, while maximizing business value. It includes: Obtaining the best pricing and terms for all business verticals. Standardizing, simplifying and rationalizing platforms, applications, processes and services.



Utilise our Resources for New product generation Ideas, Component design, Product enhancements, existing product sustenance activity, engineering change request, Manufacturing change requests and field failure modification, we cover 360 degree product lifecycle activities from concept to obsoleting — We are flexible in nature and flexible in hourly billing. *Hourly rates are subject to change based on type of activity and resource types.

Dedicated Person

Dedicated person helps in executing assigned tasks and burn ECR/ECO change requests without delay, which inturn minimizes scrap and rework cost.


Dedicated Team/ Project.

Benefit of dedicated team acts as a vertual extension, which helps address for day in-out and Importent engineering activities for smooth transition from Engineering to Manufacturing Team.

Discrete Manufacturing verticals

We provide numerous solutions, services which can help Discrete Manufacturing Industries.

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • High Tech
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Machinery
  • Mechatronics

People Who Love Our Solutions & Services

Some of our beloved Customers who are benefited from our Services and Strategic Relationship made sucess journey.